Teeth Whitening in Hoppers Crossing


Natural+ Teeth Whitening at FamilyCare Dental & Aesthetics has been uniquely developed to offer dazzling professional whitening results and also address the disadvantages of sensitivity, enamel damage and ‘rebound’ of tooth shade following treatment.

Long lasting results, up to 8 shades whiter in just 30 minutes, safe and in most cases no sensitivity!

Why is Natural+ better for my teeth than other Professional Whitening systems?

The active whitening ingredient Hydrogen peroxide (H²0²) on its own very unstable, meaning it stops working and begins breaking down rapidly after around 10 minutes, so regular whitening products are stabilised using heavy metals, but these can dehydrate the tooth, corrode the enamel and often cause sensitivity and an unpleasant ‘zapping or zinging’ sensation. The dehydration also causes a ‘rebound darkening’ of teeth over a short period of time as they naturally re-hydrate.

The patented formula in Natural+ however is ecologically stabilised with enriched minerals rather than metals, and provides enamel strengthening flouride and calcium during treatment, providing a continuously stable release of oxygen ions which break down stains in the tooth enamel, and continue to safely do so over the next 24 hours. The result is a whiter smile without the dehydrating effects of heavy metals and the without exposure to chemical fumes such as ammonia, urea and C0² which are released when regular metal-stabilised hydrogen peroxide breaks down.

Natural+ is the ONLY whitening product of its kind in the world, allowing for safer, more comfortable whitening with long lasting professional results.

How is Natural+ different from other popular in-surgery whitening treatments?

Unlike other popular whitening brands, the Natural+ system:

  • Contains NO heavy metals
  • Is pH neutral and non-corrosive
  • Uses ecologically stabilised non-toxic formula
  • Is safe, environmentally friendly and non-carcinogenic
  • Releases minerals enriched with calcium and fluoride to reinforce teeth enamel and prevent sensitivity
  • Contains a higher concentration of water, meaning teeth become less overheated and dehydrated during treatment, preventing sensitivity and the ‘rebound’ darkening following whitening.

What results can I expect?

Patients can expect to see whitening results of up to 8 shades in as little as 30 minutes. Natural+ is suitable for stains caused by foods, lifestyle habits, ageing, and can even address staining caused by fluorosis and medications such as tetracycline, and internally darkened or traumatised teeth.

Natural Tooth Whitening Maintenance at Home

Natural+ whitening system includes an at-home component which can easily and safely be used to maintain and boost your white smile. Under the guidance of your dentist you will learn how to correctly maintain your bright smile using a specialised toothpaste and whitening gel unlike any other on the market. The home tray is custom moulded for your teeth, and the applicator of specially formulated Natural+ home whitening gel is easy to apply, and only allows you to use the ideal amount of gel for each tooth.

Whiter teeth, naturally!

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Introduced in 2014 to our practice, we believe Natural+ is set to become the professional standard in in-surgery whitening.

We are proud to offer this exciting new treatment at Familycare Dental & Aesthetics. Our practice now prefers to use the Natural+ whitening system, as we believe it provides a better, long lasting result with significantly less risk of sensitivity or discomfort.